Brothers to Business Partners

Chris and Steve sit down and discuss their journeys from brothers to business partners, and share insights into what they've learnt on the short journey so far.

Chris Marson, founder of Marson Brothers

Chris Marson - Founder

Print Guru

Chris Marson is both the founder and owner of Marson Brothers. Founded in 2017. Born and raised in Scarborough, Chris has always found print a riveting process, with his first memory of print being at the age of eleven when the family got their first computer and desktop printer, from there on in he would print name cards for his mother’s dinner guests, as well as designing and printing birthday cards for the rest of the family, even printing and binding a David Beckham biography. 

At the age of sixteen, Chris became an apprentice printer at a large Scarborough based web-offset printer. Within his eight years working and managing the presses within the company, he gained instrumental hands on technical gain. In 2009 Chris was commended for Print Week’s student of the year. Upon realising he was committed to the print process he joined a European printing service provider looking after print for the likes of Travis Perkins and Audible. Inside his four years at the company he held the positions of Project Manager, Account Manager and Quality and Innovation Manager. Chris takes an honest down-to earth approach to help large companies in both the UK and Europe, with the aim of getting the very most out of the printing process. Most recently he has worked with Camden Garden Centre to fulfil their latest Door Drop across London.

In December 2016, Chris’ son Alex was born, reigniting his desire to fulfil his passion of printing in his hometown of Scarborough. In 2017, Chris agreed that Marson Brothers with his wealth of print experience and knowledge would be an asset to local businesses. With this aim, Chris takes on each job he does with commitment, care and considered knowledge. With Chris, you have an honest, safe pair of hands looking after your print. The value is in his results. 

Chris intends to help out businesses who have substantial print ambition, but are perhaps at present time without a marketing department. Passionate about helping his surrounding area, Chris prides himself on helping local start-ups with branding and bringing the latest print innovations to the town. His expertise can genuinely help any business - his passion and reward in that his childhood hobby is now his business that benefits local people, he balances this scaled approach with work with larger companies to ensure Marson Brothers reaches its widest range.

Whether you need to know what paper you might need, or what print needs putting on what paper, Chris can assist you. The print process consists of many options; we are here to help you decide what best suits you and free you from the overwhelm of choices.  We cover everything from short runs to large nationwide campaigns. We have our own branded paper sample book so that you can choose what you feel is best suited. A consultation with us will allow us to see your work first-hand, we can then create dummies and examples of what you may need or could achieve with us. We can direct you to where you need to be, whether you know nothing of what you want to produce or if you have a very specific goal in mind and just need clarification, we can guide you.   

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Laure Trueman, Copywriter, Copywriting Scarborough

Laurie Trueman

Freelance Journalist and Copywriting

Laurie Trueman is a freelance journalist based in her hometown of Nottingham. In 2015 she founded Denude Magazine, a print publication for the honest and thoughtful woman interested in slow fashion, beauty and luxury product. Denude was established as a magazine that in itself would be a product of permanency in a woman’s life. Laurie’s specialities lie in copywriting, social media content, interviewing and fashion consulting.

Laurie has worked within the magazine publishing and copywriting industry for over three years. Having extensive experience in transcription work, she is finessed with a fine eye for mistakes and is a thorough fact checker. Her work has extended to reviewing transcripts and notes for summits such as COP 21 Sustainable Innovation Forum as well as for select cover interviews at AnOther Magazine. Laurie is committed to executing the best written work for her clients.